Topics and Keynotes


Customer Service: Bloodline to Success

This session is designed to assist participants to 1) Learn the importance of non-verbal communication; 2) Assess the customer’s immediate needs; 3) Assist in the customer’s language; 4) Build long-term relationships with customers; 5) Leave a high level of satisfaction in the customer’s mind.

Four Generations in the Workplace

For the first time in the history of the United States, we have four generations in the workplace.  This session will assist with 1) understanding each generations’ work ethics, 2) realize work values are no longer the same, 3) discovery the need for responsibilities is different for each generation, 4) identify the need to succeed in each group and 5) set a plan of action to work with each generation successfully.

The Importance of Image

This session will help participants 1) Discover proper business etiquette- face to face, email, correspondences and manners; 2) Emphasize correct pronunciations; 3) Re-enforce the art of business writing; 4)Look at appropriate dress and appearance; 5) Practice better communication skills.

It’s Time to Sharpen Your Ax

This session will offer tips, guidelines and action plan to discover 1) The Laws of Success; 2) The Laws of Attraction; 3) The Laws of Prosperity; 4) The Laws of Significance; 5) The Laws for Sharpening Your Ax.

Listening Skills and Conflict Resolution

This session will assist participants to 1) Understand and embrace differences in everyone; 2) Discover current coping skills; 3) Identify stages of conflict; 4) Recognize listening patterns 5) Learn problem-solving techniques.

Sales Made Easy

This session will assist the seasoned and beginner sales person to 1) Pre-detailing before the sales call; 2) Organizing the sales call; 3) Demonstrating the product or service in the prospect’s language; 4) Negotiating for a win-win situation; 5) Closing the sale with ease.

Superwoman:  Are You Invincible?

This session is for women and their personal wellness and stress management development.  Participants will 1) Learn to accept their roles in life; 2) Overcome the need for perfection; 3) Achieve the necessary without guilt; 4) Assess the current situation; 5) Get started in removing the red cape.

Telephone Professionalism

This session will help the seasoned and not so seasoned participants to 1) Speak with a pleasant voice; 2) Calm irate people; 3) Use appropriate words with promptness; 4) Utilize active listening skills; 5) Master time management.

Time Management

This session is designed to assist participants in 1) Assessing current time management practices 2) Learning the principles of developing excellent habits; 3) Utilizing technology to improve skills; 4) Enhancing current good practices to innovative new ideas; 5) Developing an action plan for the future.

Toxic Waste in the Workplace

This session is designed to help participants in 1) Identifying toxic people who pollute the work environment; 2) Realizing the power of the toxic person‘s effect on all employees; 3) Discovering toxic-wasters in the workplace; 4) Learning the power of forgiveness and apology; 5) Developing a plan toward self- detoxification.

Understanding Yourself and Others

This session is designed to help participants to 1) Identify personal workplace behavioral strengths and weaknesses; 2) Identify others’ strengths and weaknesses; 3) Understand the differences in workplace behavior; 4) Communicate with others more productively; 5) Form a work team with all behaviors blending for optimum communication.

Values in the Workplace

This session is designed to assist participants in 1) Understanding the power of values and diversity; 2) Identifying four types of value groups; 3) Increasing morale and productivity; 4) Reducing disagreement and stand-offs; 5) Appreciating the values system differences.



Life’s Choices and Changes

This motivational speech helps individuals learn that change will happen with or without your permission.  Topics include 1) Realizing that everyone has a historical point of view of life; 2) Discovering there are many points of view; (3) Striving to stop judgments  of others; (4)Deciding to look at the future with a more positive attitude; (5) Projecting a success plan for change.

Why Are You Looking For The Wizard? 

This is a journey through the movie the Wizard of Oz and a look at the life lessons learned by Dorothy and her cronies.  Topics include 1) Looking the right team players; 2) Discovering every team members’ strengths and weaknesses; 3) Working together for the good of the team; 4) Creating an action plan for success; 5) Realizing there’s no place like home.